The Inspiration Behind Little Falu

Red house in forest

European architecture has always been a passion of ours, especially for me as I have Eastern European heritage. The history, stories, and craftsmanship behind each building are truly captivating and offer endless opportunities for exploration and appreciation.

When we started floating the idea of building a tiny house in 2022, we wanted to create a memorable experience. Something that was different from what a typically tiny house would look like. This is where the idea for a Swedish summer cottage came from. Let me explain what that is exactly.

Scandinavian Cottage

A Swedish summer cottage is usually a falu red (the official name for the colour) house that has white trimmings and is nestled in nature. They call them “sommarstuga” (summer house) or “stuga” (cottage). It’s also common for there to be a couple of outbuildings that surround the main cottage which are typically barns, studios or an outhouse. We certainly don’t have an outhouse, but we have another garden shed to match the tiny as extra storage and laundry. You can see where the inspiration for the name came from!

Red Swedish Summer Cottage in nature

These red cottages have been around in Sweden for a long time, and many families have passed them down through generations. They’re so popular that other Scandinavian countries have adopted them. It’s the back-to-basics lifestyle that so many of us crave.

We wanted to create a space that embodies a simple life with a touch of luxury. You can chop your own wood but also soak yourself in a beautiful bath and sip on a glass of wine.

The kitchen is very well equipped for such a small space as we value cooking. After all, we’ve been sharing food with others for a long time. So don’t be surprised when you stay at our tiny that you’ll get something delicious to make yourself.

A red cottage stands out beautifully amongst the green backdrop, and that’s no exception with Little Falu. We chose our land for its beauty and how untouched it was but still very approachable. We want to help you slow down and take it easy by enjoying a picnic, maybe stargazing at night in the comfort of your bed, and even meeting the local wildlife if you’re lucky.

Just 15 minutes from the famous Derby bike trails and an array of cafes and restaurants, Pioneer is in a great spot for some wonderful short trips. Pop to the coast of St. Helen’s which is only an hour away, stop by and admire the famous Little Blue Lake, or go gemstone fossicking in nearby Gladstone. The options for outdoor activities in the area are endless. Just browse through our articles and guides to get some ideas.

The two Swedish concepts which we have really leaned into with our tiny are Fika and Lagom. I could easily write a whole other article on each of these, however, for the sake of keeping it short and sweet, I’ll break it down here.

Fika with tea and a cinnamon bun


Fika, pronounced “fee-kuh” is a ritual that most Swedes have adopted to create a break in their day and enjoy a coffee and a sweet treat (normally a cinnamon bun, Princess cake or an assortment of biscuits) with friends, family or colleagues.

Fun fact: Most workplaces in Sweden have now made it mandatory for their employees to take Fika breaks throughout the day. It’s a way to socialise and relax guilt-free.

We encourage you to take plenty of Fika breaks during your stay. We’ve got everything you need to implement this much-loved Swedish tradition.


Lagom on the other hand is more of a philosophy. In its simplest form, it is that our lives should not have too much or too little but just enough.

A great way to grasp the concept is to use the Goldilocks and the Three Bears story as an example. It’s a great stress management mindset and helps us to live a more balanced life. And remember, what is right for you, may not be just right for someone else.

When you stay at Little Falu, nothing should feel cluttered, overwhelming or on the flip side, like there are things missing and you’re not able to enjoy your stay. We have made every decision of what’s included with great thought. It should be just right.

With all of that, we feel that we’ve managed to bring some of the Swedish magic to the lush pastures of Tasmania. We hope that you enjoy the space that we’ve crafted and create new memories for you and your loved one, after all, that’s what it’s all about.

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