About Us

Founded by Maša and Michael Ofei, the creators behind Heartful Table, Little Falu is the culmination of our passion for tiny homes and the magic of Scandinavian living. We’ve always been drawn to the simplicity and cosiness of tiny homes, and we’re excited to bring that feeling to Tasmania.

Our bespoke builders have helped us craft a unique retreat perfect for couples seeking a secluded and intimate getaway. Little Falu is built with a lot of unique and special touches. Maša, in particular, loves details and spending time in the kitchen. These areas are certainly the highlight of our tiny.

But Little Falu is more than just a tiny house. It’s a space designed for you to connect with nature, each other, and yourself. Our Pioneer, Tasmania, location offers stunning wilderness views and easy access to nearby outdoor activities, including the world-renowned Derby mountain bike trails and Little Blue Lake.

At Little Falu, we believe in sustainable living and a minimalistic lifestyle. Our tiny house is thoughtfully designed with all the modern amenities you need to enjoy a comfortable and memorable stay.

We can’t wait to welcome you to Little Falu and provide you with an unforgettable Lagom and Fika-inspired getaway.